An award-winning life

/ 2023: March 7. Jesús Sánchez is recognized as “The Best Digital Chef” by HIP. The only awards in the world that recognize the trajectory and work in digital management of the best chefs and restaurants.

/ 2022: October 27. Jesús Sánchez is recognized with the National Gastronomy Award for Best Chef by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, for his impeccable career and outstanding creativity.

/ 2022: October 3rd. Jesús Sánchez is distinguished with the National Hospitality Award, highlighting him as an example for the sector for his contribution to the enhancement of the national hospitality industry and providing good role models.

/ 2022: July 11. Jesús Sánchez is distinguished with the Elle Gourmet Top Chef Award at the Elle Gourmet Awards for his culinary excellence.

/ 2021: December 14. Cenador de Amós is distinguished with the Green Star by the Michelin Guide. With this leaf-shaped badge, which evokes nature, MICHELIN materializes its commitment to sustainability in the gastronomic field.

/ 2021: Friend of La Rioja. It is a recognition of the work of people who, beyond the Rioja community, have stood out for the respect, use and dissemination of Rioja producers.

/ 2021: Horeca Award. The distinction to a person or entity that has contributed over time in the tourist promotion of Cantabria. Award granted unanimously by the press and hospitality association.

/ 2021: Cenador de Amós manages to be the first solar community in the gastronomic sector, which will share energy with its neighbors.

/ 2021: Brotherhood of honor of the Nécora.

/ 2021: Cenador de Amós and Repsol launch the first solar community in the gastronomic sector, consolidating itself as a benchmark for sustainable haute cuisine in Spain.

/ 2021: El Cenador de Amós is one of the establishments selected by Repsol/ AENOR to obtain the first Energy Excellence Kitchen Certificate.

/ 2020: According to the ElTenedor portal, Cenador de Amós is the favorite restaurant of the Spanish for the second consecutive year, first place in its category Two Michelin stars – Cenador de Amós Michelin.

/2019: Cantabrian of the year. The Diario Montañes, belonging to the Vocento Group, recognizes Don Jesús Sánchez for his important role in Cantabrian society, valuing his entire professional career and the social work of the winner.

/2019: 20th November was honored with the 2 Michelin Stars - Cenador de Amós 3 Michelin Stars.

/2019: He was named Honorary Guild by Cantabria Cheese Guild.

/2018: Appointed as a Member of the Advisory Council for the Degree in Gastronomy at the Escuela Le Cordon Bleu – Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid.

/ 2016: Second Michelin Star

On the 23rd of November 2016, the Michelin guide gave El Cenador de Amós the distinction of its second star. The first one dates back to 1993. 1993.

/ 2015: The top one hundred in Gastronomy, ”Best Contemporary Classic Restaurant”
El Cenador de Amós is awarded the prize for best “Contemporary Classic” restaurant at Madrid Fusión.

/ 2014: 3 Suns in the Repsol Guide, its top award, by the Asociación de Amigos de la Real Academia de Gastronomía.

3 Repsol Suns - Cenador de Amós 3 Repsol Suns

/ 2013: Caldereta Calixto Award.

/ 2013: Arco Atlántico Award ”Best Cantabrian Chef”

/ 2013: Appointed as the Director of the Gastronomy Classroom at the Universidad de Cantabria.

/ 2012: “Best creative cuisine restaurant 2012” Award by the daily newspaper ABC (Salsa de Chiles).

/ 2010: Appointed as an honorary member of the Asparagus of Navarra brotherhood.

/ 2001: Alfa-Romeo Award “To the best restaurants in Spain”.

/ 1993: The Michelin Guide awards him with a star.

/ He becomes an honorary member of the Cantabrian Anchovy brotherhood, as well as the ‘Zapico’ brotherhood, distinguished by the Cantabrian cheese brotherhood.

Contributor and gastronomic speaker

/ 2021: Participate in the Escorial Summer Courses, organized by the Complutense University of Madrid. The colloquium has revolved around ‘The modernization of the agri-food sector’ moderated by Gonzalo Alonso, director of Banco Santander.

/ He takes part in gastronomic conventions as a speaker: San Sebastián Gastronómika, Madrid Fusión, Millesime Méjico, Millesime Panamá, Millesimé Madrid, Alimentaria de Barcelona, Andalucía Sabor, Lo mejor de la Gastronomía in Alicante.

/ He participates as a speaker in various courses for the